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      Course  of   the  proposal   and    the
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commence  after   which    the project
is assigned to the designated...
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      Lexgeon  is  recognized  for  its   quick
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Legal Coding and Indexing
Objective, subjective and in-text coding: In Objective coding, we extract information from the face of the document into a searchable database. In Subjective Coding, key information from the document is extracted, analyzed and short summary of the document is made. If the document set becomes large, then the subjective information helps the user to narrow down the search. In In-text coding, line by line of each page of the document is reviewed for specific key words, product names, individualís names etc.
  Legal Transcription
    We offer accurate, cost effective and time bound legal transcription services to lawyers, law firms and other organizations. We also offer Summarization of expert witness testimony by Specialists, amending formats whether they come under paralegal works as per client requirements, Trial preparation focused by Attorneys.
    Discovery of data is the process of discovery of factual information in law suits that has been created, maintained, improved, reviewed or presented in any form through computers or other electronic media. Through this method, data is extracted and converted into universal formats like TIFF/PDF.
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