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20 Legal Research
      Legal    research     is    one   of    the
mainstream    services     of    lexgeon.
Our    Attorneys    deal     in   complex
research projects by using...
      Find your Legal Solutions in Lexgeon, a
team  equipped   by  experts  in  legal
field    who   deliver   the  services   by
applying six  sigma...
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LPO industry is encouraging Individuals, Attorneys, Law firms, corporate and various organizations to explore the efficiency and quality in legal services, which are cost effective. Outsourcing
of legal services is like a revolution in legal practice in this global era. However, it is the beginning stage of the extensive growth. Now the Individuals, Attorneys, Law firms, corporate and other organizations   can   overcome  various   constraints.   The Indian Attorneys  are  now  capable  of legal  service off shoring so that the  attorneys  abroad can  utilize their  time for other productive
About Us
  works, have sufficient time to discharge their social responsibilities and also take care of their family and health issues.
Our Aim
  Lexgeon is recognized for its quick reply to request for information pertaining to client issues or project. Lexgeon provides its services by implementing six sigma quality methodologies for quality analysis by experts towards the client perspective. Lexgeon has a team backup of 7 X 365 to provide a variety of legal solutions. Ultimately, Lexgeon’s objective is to help its clients to get their work done with equal efficiency at a lower cost and at the same time help clients to enjoy, relax with pleasure and concentrate on other activities.
Our Team
  Lexgeon consists of a team of dedicated attorneys specialized and experienced in various global legal services. We are committed to quality and timely delivery of services to client platform. We provide contract drafting, review and management, legal research, dispute resolution and litigation support, IP Services, E Discovery, Real estate review, Paralegal services.
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